Several Places Where You Should Not Take Pictures

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This is very common for many people. You might have been on a vacation with big hopes to bring extremely stunning pictures from your trip only to remember these moments later. It might be in a museum, airport or even in a church. You were attempted to pull out your cameras. After a while, official security on duty comes to you and threaten you to delete all the pictures you have taken with your cameras. You might be stranded but he has a right to tell you to delete the pictures. If you want to avoid all this, you are definitely in the right place. These are arguably the best tips for a good photographer.

Photography is regulated in some parts of the world. There are many reasons behind that. From national security to copyright issues. Nowadays, it is very easy to take pictures. You don’t need a camera to take nice pictures. With a smartphone, you will capture your desired images.


You might be wondering the reason why you are not allowed to take pictures at airports. It is all about the security issue. It is wrong all over the world to take pictures in an airport without acquiring permissions. You will be required to pull out a camera at the terminal point for security checkup. Airplanes terminals are designed in a unique way that they will never pose in security threat. Believe me or not that you will not have a chance to sneak with your camera at the entrance.

South Korea

This is another place where you can’t take photos. You have no freedom to capture images of women without their permission. In case you are caught in such a scenario, it will be considered that you have engaged in sexual aggression. You will risk being jailed for 5years or hefty fine of about 10 million.

United Arab Emirates

You should avoid taking photos when you are in the United Arab Emirates. You might find yourself being jailed for 3 months. People are restricted from taking photos in many places. You are denied to take any picture of government buildings, certain bridges or places of worship. It is good to keep in mind that the information regarding these places has been duly registered in government legislation.

Sistine Chapel

This is a celebrated place for worshipers. It is one of the most crucial places where you are not allowed to take pictures. The reason behind this is very simple. Japanese loaned the Vatican a huge amount of money.

National Parks

Although it does not apply around the world, it is very common in Australia. You can use these photos professionally if you want to capture the photos. This can be done only at the point when you want the consent of the national parks. You have to apply to the authority.

Shopping Malls

Taking pictures around shopping malls is not allowed. Shopping malls are private property. Therefore their owners have the right to restrict people from taking photos on their property. You will not have any issues if it is a selfie.