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There are many special events that happen in our lives and the best way to rewind those memories in the future is by having something you can refer to such as photographs. We cannot imagine a world without photography as it plays a significant role in your personal life or business world. For an image to revive old memories, it must be on top of the world and that’s where photo retouching services come in to make your photos faultless and more attractive.

Photo retouching, also known as Airbrushing Photoshop Retouching, Image Retouching or Photoshopping is when you manipulate photos to make them look more refined and cleaner. As a matter of fact, photography without photo retouching is like an ocean without water and everyone should have their photos edited to make them appealing to the world. At Cliprify, we understand the need to have your photo in its best condition and we provide cheap retouching services to edit your images professionally.

Photo retouching service can be defined as a process that enhances the quality of an image to make it more presentable by removing all unwanted elements such as dust, image background, spots and shine among others. We pride ourselves with a team of Professional photo retouching experts who use the ultimate intelligence – the human brain to creatively provide high-end retouching service that will beautify your images. We are here for everyone and whether you are a professional photographer looking for image retouching services to save time or novice who wants their photos edited professionally, we are the right people for you.Our experts are highly trained and have gained extensive knowledge in photo editing, and whether you are looking for photo retouching services in various purposes from a wedding, real estate and newborn to portrait, landscape and e-commerce photography, we are the ideal retouching agency for you.

Who Needs Photo Retouching Services

Let’s face it, photography is an outstanding form of art that should capture images in all their glory. Unfortunately, not every photo comes out perfectly regardless of how skilled the photographer who shot it is, and that’s where photo retouching services come in. A well-retouched photo meets your needs, builds your brand value, provides a professional look, portrays a perfect message, and boosts your visibility. A photo retouching services can do wonders in helping you achieve the frame you want, and here is a list of people who badly need photo retouching services.

★ Professional Photographers: If you are a professional photographer, chances are that you’ll have more clients depending on how professionally your photos are. Many are the times when photographers take the best shots only to find out that the surrounding environments and situations are imperfect, and they may affect the quality of your photos. If you want your clients to smile anytime they look at their photos, always be familiar with portrait retouching services and post-process their photos in the best ways possible.

★ Fashion Models: Fashion modeling has become very competitive over the last few years and as more and more people desire to join the industry, only a few with exceptional portfolios are selected. The agencies require the model to have a portfolio that consists of the best pictures with a professional look, and for you to ensure that your photos meet the standards required, you need photo retouching services.

★ Advertisement Agencies: Advertisement agencies publish various advertisements on different platforms and to ensure that they pass the message intended, they rely on photo retouching services. The objective of the advertisement agencies is to appeal the intended people and because the pictures may not look good, photo retouching services are there to ensure that the photos are beautifully made.

★ Media House: It goes without saying that most people across the world rely on media houses for news and other important information. For that case, media houses and outlets require beautifully made photos to publicize, and they, therefore, depend on photo retouching services to post-process their photos and make them outstanding before being released to the public.

★ Real Estate Business: Real estate business is cropping like mushrooms all over the world. Surprisingly, some businesses are closing down while others are succeeding, and the difference between them is how they represent their properties. Successful real estate businesses understand the need to portray their messages through photography, and they make their properties look beautiful with the help of photo retouching services. So if you want to start selling properties, all you need to succeed is real estate photo retouching service that will help in attracting your clients.

★ Online Business Entrepreneurs: We are in the 21st century and as we embrace advanced technology, more online businesses are opening. If you are an online business entrepreneur, you need high-quality photos that contain various products and services you are offering. This, therefore, means that your selection of photos must be top-notch to excellently describe and praise your products and eventually increase your sales.

★ Amateur Photographers: As stated earlier, photography is an art and the best pictures should be taken professionally. If you are a newbie in photography, you need to understand that even the professional photographer you admire was once a novice and if you wish to take pictures that will be on top of the world, you need the support of photo retouching services. This will ensure you shoot the best photos and eventually secure your future and career in the world of photography.

★ E-commerce: Have you ever thought of selling products at the comfort of your home? If yes, all you need is ecommerce photo retouching that will give whatever it is you are selling public attention with their beauty and also convince them to buy from you.

Photo Retouching Service Categories

★ Ordinary Photo Retouching: This is the most common service category in photo retouching and for good reason. It can edit all types of photos and make ordinary images look extraordinary. During image retouching services, all the flaws are removed and the edited image looks natural and beautiful.

★ Liquify Retouching: In physics, to liquify means to transform something solid into liquid. In photography, liquify retouching is the process of distorting any portion of an image. For instance, you can bloat any part of an image or add some artistic effects to make the image look stunning. With professional photo editors, this service category only takes a few seconds and your edited image becomes attractive.

★ Object Removal: When taking photographs, it’s the desire of every photographer to capture it in all its glory. Unfortunately, many are the times when they capture unwanted objects particularly in the background, which makes the photo look dull and unattractive. At Cliprify, we have a team of professionally trained and experienced photo editors who can successfully remove the unwanted objects without damaging your beautiful photos. What’s more, they can add any object according to your preferences to make your images stunning.

★ Jewelry Photo Retouching: During jewelry retouching, images are modified using image editing software such as Lightroom or Photoshop to improve their quality and make stones brighter. This service category is also effective in removing unwanted marks or spots to make your images attractive. If you are dealing with jewelry business, you can use this service to attract your customers and increase your business growth.

★ Dark Circle Removal: Most individuals have dark circles under the eyes and when going for a photo shoot, they forget about this issue. Whereas they can use simple makeup to cover the circles, they only focus on their attire and the latest posses and forget to address the dark circles. If the next time you’ll be going for a photo shoot you’ll forget to use your makeup effectively, there’s nothing to worry about as our experts can remove the dark circles successfully using simple techniques in a matter of seconds.

★ Commercial Photo Retouching: Most of the advertising agencies use beauty retouching services to make their images stunning. Even though they use professional photographers to get the best shots, the image may not meet the needs of the agency. Fortunately, with a professional touch from our experienced photo editors, your images will be edited to have an outstanding and long-lasting exposure that will attract your audience.

★ Shadow Retouching: A shadow is part and parcel of an image and it exists behind or under the photo to make it look natural and genuine. However, if the shadow is not matching with the photo or it’s not perfect, the image looks dull and lifeless. Our skilled photo editors have special knowledge and use specific digital tools on Photoshop to retouch the shadows to add a sense of liveliness and make the images look beautiful.

★ Product Retouching: When dealing with an e-commerce business, it’s how well you present your photos that determine whether you’ll succeed or not. Raw photos are lifeless, have faults and are unattractive. Fortunately, product retouching method improves the quality of your images by correcting the lighting condition, adding some attractive effects on the photos and making other important changes to give them a confident look.

★ High Details Extract: This service category is used to sharpen or add details to the photos using special Photoshop tools. This process is a bit complex and requires experienced photo editors to have the job done right.

★ Amazon Product Retouching: Amazon is a leading company in selling myriads of products online. When customers are looking for a product to purchase, they get the first impression by looking at the images. If the image is not attractive, they ignore it and move to the next product. At Cliprify, our experienced photo editors use the Amazon photo retouching to make the images attractive and eye-catching.

★ Spot Removal: Having spots on the background, foreground or on the faces steal the appeal of your images. Luckily, our professionally trained and experienced editors make good use of a specific photo editing service to professionally and successfully remove the spot to revive your images.

★ Hair Touch: Stray hairs on the face create a sense of illusion on your photos hence making them look dull and unattractive. Fortunately, they can be removed using hair touch service to make them stunning. Our experts can also delete unwanted hair from your head and face, add color to the hairs or create a perfect haircut look according to your preferences.

★ Neck Joint Service: This service category is applicable to outfits and attires to give a specific look and shape to the images. Adjusting the neck joint in image editing is not always a walk in the park but our experts have special knowledge and will edit them professionally to remove the flaws and add a finishing touch to make them captivating.

★ Wedding Photos: A wedding is like a train that comes once in a lifetime. Besides, it happens for a few hours but should create memories you can remember all your life. Even after hiring professional photographers to do the photo shooting, the raw photos are likely to look lifeless and dull but with photo retouching services from our experts, they will look lively and stunning all your life to always remind you of your big day.

★ Headshot Retouching: Many are the times when photographers take the head shot only to realize various issues with the clicks. For instance, there could be wrinkles on the forehead, the hairs may not be straight or may be curly, but there’s nothing to worry about as you can use headshot retouching services to correct these issues to give a professional shape to your images.

★ Face Retouching: The face is without a doubt an important part of the human body and the only part that gets more attention. When a person is looking at your picture, the first thing they look at is your face. With face retouching, it is possible to edit your images and alter the face complexion or remove unwanted marks and spots from the face to make it stand out and look attractive and natural.

★ Skin Retouching: Skin is the largest organ in your body and requires special attention during photo editing. Our photo editors use their expertise to change the skin color to make the image look natural and appealing.

Why Choose Us for Photo Retouching

In this dynamic world, photo retouching is used for the model, wedding photography and fashion with an objective of increasing the beauty of the model and making them more appealing in front of everyone. At Cliprify, we understand the need to have the best photos and we use our expertise to remove blemishes, acne, wrinkles, spots, etc at a fordable price to ensure that your image will gain attraction without breaking your bank. If you are looking for a private or professional photo retouching services, contact us now and our down-to-earth team will be there to help you out to set a meeting and offer services you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Benefits of Our Photo Retouching Services

★ Unique Style: We understand that you may need more creativity, more complicated operations and a deeper understanding of how your photos are presented, and we are here to work with you one-on-one and learn your styles and edit your images in unique styles that meet your preferences.

★ Quality Assurance: We pride ourselves with Senior Photo Retoucher who performs quality assurance to ensure that your photos are on top of the world before we can send them to you.

★ Confidentiality: We understand the importance of keeping your image confidential and therefore, we cannot post your photos on our website, on social media or any other place without your consent.

★ Dedicated Photo Retoucher: We can assign a dedicated photo retoucher to post process your photos professionally.