Photo Manipulation Service

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Photos and images can be transformed by our technicians using state of the art software tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for magazines, cover photos for articles and magazines, product advertisements and online marketing tools. Our knowledgeable graphic designers can work with your team to create innovatively and thought-provoking images that will help to increase your sales. Your imagination will know no limits.

How to Do Image Manipulation

Our graphics team is fully conversant with the tools and features contained in Photoshop. We can use them to your advantage to create compelling and thought-provoking images and photos. Photo manipulation services will utilize tools such as pen tools, lasso tools, brush, color palate and many more. Our experts are fully conversant with the capabilities of this software.

Who Needs Image Manipulation Service

Image manipulation services are used by magazine writers, product advertisers, book publishers, newspaper publishers, advertisers and more. Many companies need photo manipulation services for online publishing as well. Rendering of photos must consider the device the photo or image will be displayed on. Consider Cliprify best photo manipulation services for your next photo or image project.

Our Obsession With Perfection

Virtually all digital photos and images can be manipulated. With the available software tools and skilled graphics technicians, photos can be improved and perfected for many different purposes. Whether it is a magazine cover or a digital website, a perfected image or photo using our photo manipulation services can improve your brand image and help to increase sales. Consider Cliprify the next time your team needs a high-quality image or photo retouched and improved. We provide the best photo manipulation services in the industry.

Where Imagination Can Take Us

Human beings are the most intelligent creatures in the world. And do you know why? Well, it’s because of the power they possess for imagination. Experts claim that whereas logic can take you from point A to point Z, imagination can literally take you anywhere. We imagine how we want things to be and our imagination becomes a reality. In other words, we first imagine things and thereafter implement into something tangible or visible. Through software, computers, and techniques, we can express our imagination in a visual form.

What Image Manipulation Can Do

Image manipulation is the process of enhancing or altering an image to make it look natural and better. At Cliprify, we are the best photo editing company and we boast a team of professionally trained and experienced photo editors who have special knowledge in using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to edit your images professionally. Our photo manipulation services include;
● Object addition
● Object removal
● Spots and wrinkles removal
● Photo conversion
● Watermark removal and addition
● Object manipulation
● Red-eye removal
● Background removal and replacement

How Image Manipulation Works

First things first, if you want your photos to be manipulated successfully, they must be taken by a professional photographer. Basically, when images are clicked badly, they don’t display the best results even after manipulation. Once we receive a well-taken photo, we use our knowledge and experience to manipulate them to have outstanding images. We are proud to work with our dedicated in house designers who use their imagination to creatively alter your images. They can remove or add objects, correct colors, combine different images, change backgrounds and sizes to make your images eye-catching. In other words, our experts can do what your camera cannot, such as giving scales to a human, giving wings to a dog and any other manipulation you’d ask for.

Why Choose Cliprify for This Venture

At Cliprify, we understand that photo manipulation is a medium to help others express themselves as we express ourselves in the most creative way, and whether you are looking for personal or real estate photo editing services, we are here to help. We transform dull and lifeless images into lively and attractive photos. We have been in this industry for many years now and in addition to boasting extensive expertise, we use up to date technology to professionally manipulate any photo regardless of how challenging it may be. We respect your privacy and we cannot post your photos in our website or social media without your consent. Our experts edit your images according to your needs within fast turnaround time.