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Our company provides top-quality image masking services to clients looking to remove backgrounds from images. Our team of experienced professionals use advanced techniques and tools to ensure a clean and seamless separation between subject and background.


Professional Image Masking Services for Clean and Seamless Separation

Let’s face it, a good photo breathes life and reminds us of the beautiful moments we wish to keep in our hearts forever. Unfortunately, many are the times when you take photos in the most outstanding places, only to realize that the background is making the image look dull. The good news is that we at Cliprify are here to help and we will do image masking to ensure that your image is presentable.

What is Image Masking in Photoshop

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Image masking is a process of editing images using graphics such as Photoshop to hide some unwanted materials or to add useful portion on the background to make the image beautiful. Whether you are a professional photographer or a novice, one thing for sure is that photography is an art and you must show your creativity and passion in editing your images using Photoshop services to make them stunning.

Image masking is simply a non-destructive process of editing images and uses graphics such as Photoshop to either hide some unwanted portions of an image or reveal some useful and important portions to make the photo stunning. Basically, image masking has various types of uses and for soft edges such as human hair, dull or fully clothes, image masking is used successfully with another technique called clipping path to replace or remove image background. What you need to understand is that for the furry or soft edge, image masking is most preferred while for hard edges, it is recommendable to use clipping path.

If you wish to mask the image by yourself, you can get the image you desire if you play well with Photoshop tools such as magic eraser, background eraser tool, as well as the color separation technique. However, you do not have any reason to stress yourself out as we have a team of highly trained and experienced experts at Cliprify who you can rely on for outsourcing photo editing services and they will do the work for you and give you something to smile about.

When Do You Need to Image Masking Service

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Image masking services are great to anyone who wants to add a touch of class to their images. What’s more, it works excellently in complicated things such as fur or hair and will be an ideal choice especially where clipping path is not applicable. Also, photo masking service can be used in editing images that contain lower opacity outside or dim edge to make them visible and attractive to your customers. At Cliprify, we boast a team of professionally experienced experts who can help you with image masking services at pocket-friendly prices. We also offer other services such as background removal services, e-commerce photo editing services, color correction service, clipping path services, neck joint service, photo retouching service, shadow creation service, raster to vector conversion service and jewelry retouching service among others related to photo editing.

Benefits of Image Masking

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It Can Isolate the Desired Image: If you happen to capture unwanted stuff in your background, our experts can successfully cut the undesirable part to obtain the image you’re looking for.

Modify the Images: If you are looking forward to showcasing your services or products in print advertisements such as brochures, magazine covers, standees or canopies, you should rely on Photoshop services to get something that will catch the attention of your intended audience. We understand how much such images mean to you and our experts will work on them to make them eye-catching.

Gives Customized Background: If you think your photo is lifeless and boring, image editing can revive it with the help of image masking. We understand that everyone likes images they can admire time and time again without getting bored, and that’s exactly why we are here. We can use customized backgrounds in your photographs or even highlight the product in your images by changing the background to ensure that what we give you is alluring.

Reuse Image With Different Background: If you’ve spent a lot in the product photography, you have no reason to spend more as we can photomask and reuse those images, to create a new background with different effects according to your preferences.

Images Masking Service Is Used for the Following

● Removing background from hair images.
● Isolating specific image without the surrounding background.
● Using or changing customized backgrounds.
● Removing background colors to make the images visible and attractive.
● Allowing masking for semi-transparent muslin and hair.
● Creating magazine covers, ads, and other items with models.
● Hair masking images for models.
● Fine-edge jewelry.
● Animals with raising hairs.

Who Needs Image Masking Services

If your image has fur or hair on the background, it can be dull and lifeless but image masking will breathe life to your images. The process is tedious but you have nothing to worry as we at Cliprify are here to help. We have a team of professionally trained and experienced experts who pay close attention to details to make your images outstanding. With image masking services, we remove any distraction and create a consistent and uniform look to make your photos an item of admiration. No work is too little or too much for us and whether you have a huge batch of photos or just a single one, we are the ideal choice for you.

When to Use Image Masking

● When you want to comply with online marketplaces necessity, e.g eBay and Amazon.
● When your images have fuzzy edges.
● When you want to edit the background to make the image clear and attractive.

When Not to Use Image Masking

● When the background has the same color as the image.
● If your image has sharp edges, avoid using image masking and opt for clipping path.

Photo Editing Software We Use at Cliprify

At Cliprify, we understand that photography is an art and we want to make all your images stunning to help you remember your memories for a lifetime. Our experts are professionally trained and experienced and to make them versed with the world of photography, they undergo further training from time to time. Whether you want one image or bulk photo editing service, we are here to help. We embrace the advancing technology and we use the latest Adobe Photoshop software as well as various photo editing software programs available today to ensure that your images are edited professionally.

Photoshop Photo Masking Techniques to Expect From Cliprify

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Complex Layer Masking: This technique uses the latest version of Adobe Photoshop to remove even the finest items from your image background. It would be a perfect choice if you wish to mask semi-transparent, translucent images or when seeking hair masking service.

Alpha Channel Masking: This technique is ideal when you want to get smoother edges of cut-out or isolated images especially when it’s challenging to create a layer upon an image.

Translucent Photo Masking: We use this technique with greater precision to remove undesirable pixels from your photo to separate the translucent image from the background.

Photoshop Collage Masking: We utilize this technique to wipe the background in a photo. If you are an image editor, outsourcing photo editing services is highly recommendable to create eye-catching images for commerce websites, brochures, and catalogue.

Photoshop Transparency Masking: If your image has gradient transparencies like glass objects or imageries on the background, we use Photoshop transparency masking technique to remove them effectively.

Object Masking: Our experts use this technique professionally by using the Quick Selection Tool to select the unwanted component of the image and then eliminate it by applying the layer of mask. If you wish to set right the image deformations effortlessly, Photoshop image masking service will get you started.

Color Masking: When removing the hollow line, we prefer cutting the image in close proximity to the outline or edge of the photo and then utilize color masking technique when the image is not cut 1 to 2 pixels on the inside. We then do retouching and color correction services to make it stunning.

Refine Edge Masking: We utilize this technique to make your images lively by adding naturalness to furry, hairy images as well as photos of dolls, trees, and animals.

Gradient Masking: We utilize this technique to apply gradient effect across several layers as well as adjust them without impacting the layers underneath.

Multi Masking: This feature is used when applying masks on layers with complicated edges.

Why Choose Us for Image Masking

After a photo shoot, be it wedding, modeling or maternity, the images should remind you of the beautiful moments. Therefore, you need a professional photo editing company to post process your photos to help you revive those memories anytime you look at them. If you are looking for such a company, your search ends here as we are here for you. You have a million and one reasons to choose us and here are just some of them:

● We boast a down-to-earth and experienced editing team with vast knowledge to understand how to make your photos stunning. Our experts are equipped with the latest photo editing software and high-resolution monitors to edit your images professionally.

● We understand how important time is and we are willing to go above and beyond to make sure we deliver your photos in time. However, the turnaround time may vary depending on how complex the project is but we will always let you know when to expect them.

● We have flexible and pocket-friendly pricing that will meet your budget.

● Our experts are trained on photo mask and will edit all your images according to your preferences.

● We work closely with our quality assurance (QA) team to ascertain that your images meet the quality you can’t find from anywhere else.

● We understand the importance of data security and confidentiality. We, therefore, transfer our files using secure modes such as VPN or FTP for data security, and we cannot share your images either on our social media networks or our website without your consent.

Why Choose Us?

At Cliprify, we understand how important it is to have high-quality photos for your business, and that’s why we offer professional photo editing services. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose us for your photo editing needs:

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My experience with Cliprify's image masking service has been fantastic! I needed some complex masking work done for my e-commerce website and they did a great job. John and his team were professional, responsive and delivered the final work on time. I highly recommend Cliprify for anyone looking for high-quality image masking services.
Jane Smith
I have used Cliprify's image masking services on several occasions and I have always been extremely satisfied with the quality of their work. Their team is skilled and knowledgeable, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their clients are happy. I would definitely recommend them.
Mike Johnson
I was blown away by the results of Cliprify's image masking service. Their team was able to flawlessly isolate the subject in my product images and make them look incredibly professional. Their communication was prompt and clear throughout the entire process, and the final work was delivered on time. I will definitely be using their services again in the future!
David Lee
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