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If you’re in the fashion business, you’ll know how important it is to have the right 3D silhouette for your apparels. Not only do these 3D effects bring more life to your clothes, but they also give the customer a clear picture of what the clothes will look like on them. For these reasons, most customers are likely to buy your clothes since they have a rough idea of the fit.

Since live models are too expensive and don’t always meet your schedule, most fashion retailers resort to ghost mannequin editing to achieve this desired effect. The technique is also simple, very convenient, and could be used as much as you like. Furthermore, invisible ghost mannequin effect is arguably better than transparent mannequins since it allows for further editing during the process. With the right people on the job, you could boost your sales in no time.

How Does the Mannequin Ghost Effect Work

To get the 3D effect, you first need to shoot the mannequin at various angles wearing your finest clothes. Next, capture the neck, the bottom, inner parts of the clothing and the sleeves and save them separately then leave the rest to us. In case you don’t have the inner shots, worry not, we’ll find a way around it.

At Cliprify, we’ll take out the studio background and mannequin parts and replace them with a hollow silhouette for the mannequin effect. We do this with specialized software that allows us to create that hollow, ghost-like effect in a very short time so you’ll have your shots within a day.

We’ll also go out of our way to remove any unwanted wrinkles, stains, tears, or dust spots to make your garments look perfect on your website. We’ll also do the necessary touch-ups, including resizing, cropping, and shadow removal for a more professional outlook.

Ghost Mannequin Photo Effect for Your Fashion Business

Fashion retailers understand the importance of advertising to get their products flying off the shelves. Most people in this line of business use the ghost mannequin photo to advertise their products on their catalogs and websites. The process involves capturing a mannequin wearing the clothes, then editing out the mannequin to create a hollow, almost ghost-like effect. The effect makes it easier for potential customers to understand the material, size, fabric, and most importantly, fit better. The overall result is a boost in sales since most customers are willing to buy your garments.

The process of ghost mannequin effect editing usually involves a lot of sub-processes to achieve the desired image. Some of these sub-processes include changing or removing the background, merging shots, removing wrinkles, stains and dust spots, to name a few. All these processes work to produce a cleaner, smoother, and crisper image of the clothing on sale, making it more appealing. Customers are more comfortable and assured of the product if it has a nice overall outlook. Remember in the fashion industry, the first impression is everything.

The Ghost mannequin photo effect is also excellent for displaying the product label. Most customers have an unshakable preference for particular brands. One way to leverage this to your advantage is by using the mannequin effect to showcase the brands of your various products. The neck area of the mannequin can be cut out and made to showcase the brand tag on the neckline at the back collar area. Potential customers are highly likely to purchase a brand they are already familiar with. You can also tweak the background of the photo however you like.

In the digital age, competition in the fashion industry is as stiff as ever. For this reason, it is pivotal for you to employ more effective and budget-conscious techniques to showcase your products and increase your business’ profit margins. Models are good for the job, but will surely put a dent in your budget. They also won’t be available everytime you need them.

Unlike, models, the ghost mannequin effect won’t cost you a bundle. Moreover, you can use this lovely effect anytime and as much as you want. You also get this unique, gorgeous hollowed effect that make your clothes look fuller and fit perfectly. Couple that with a slight touch-up including resizing the clothes, cropping out unwanted parts and even removing shadows and you have the perfect image with a nice depth of field. What’s more, the process takes a really short time and you can have the images ready in under a day. Adding them to your website is also a seamless task since we’ve prepared everything for you. All you need to do is download and upload your images to your site unless you need any changes.

The ghost mannequin effect is great for the following businesses and publications:

● Clothing stores
● Fashion houses
● Fashion blogs
● Fashion magazines and catalogs
● Marketing firms
● Press releases
● Newspapers and editorials

It’s worth noting that before any image manipulation can be done, you’ll have to take multiple shots of the clothes on the mannequin, and other particular shots of various parts like the sleeves, inner parts, the neck to name a few. You might require the service of a professional photographer or do it yourself depending on your budget or skill set.

Last but not least, the ghost mannequin effect has many overwhelming advantages over conventional models and solid or transparent mannequins to showcase your collection. If you want to attract a larger customer base, then consider using the ghost mannequin photo effect today.

The Use of Ghost Mannequin Photography

Ghost mannequin, sometimes called invisible mannequin photography, is to give a 3D or hollow man effect by various attire brands and retailers. This kind of photography does offer significance importance, especially in the fashion industries, online shops, and stores as well as product photography. Besides, it can also be used in the design layout of magazines and newspapers, brand advertisement, and corporate distinctiveness. Majority of people prefers using this modern photography due to its effectiveness in enhancing products by giving them an improved and better appearance. Also, using ghost mannequin photography makes not only your products unique but also improves its quality. This makes them stand out from other competitors. In as much as it sounds easy, it involves a complicated process that needs photoshop experience and other technicalities.

Display of Clothes Features: ghost mannequin is also, especially in maintaining the quality design for garments and other fashion industries. Through it, business owners can produce quality pictures for their display. For instance, it is easy for cloth designers to showcase various features, such as inner linings and cuffs. This makes your customers have a realistic experience of the cloths shape, size, and style hence a maximized shopping experience. In most cases, customers only see the front side of the garment. However, in order to provide a complete garment outlook, i.e., that which shows both the front and the rear views as well as cuts, style, and embellishments, we need to use professional editing such as the one offered by ghost mannequin.

Easy and Quick to Style: ghost photography often makes cloth styling easy and faster. For instance, to get a 3D effect, you can shoot the mannequin wearing the garment at different angles. Also, you can have separate shots of the neck, bottom, sleeve, and inner parts and send it to us. Due to our expertise and experience, we will be able to remove the mannequins and background and replace them with other environments using photoshop. Besides, we can also eliminate unwanted wrinkles, spots, and dumps. Last but not least, we will optimize your product by cropping, resizing, lightning, and reshaping it to bring out the desired quality.

Helps Clients to Picture Garments as if Been Dressed: imperceptible mannequin photography can be typical for all shootings involving clothings. In order to make the backs of the garment visible, we often remove the mannequins during the shooting. This makes the garment to look as if it has been worn by an invisible person. As a result, the clothing can be viewed without any obstruction from the mannequin. The, therefore, provides the naturally appealing look making the customers visualize themselves inside the cloths.

Improves the View of Appeal: Ghost mannequins is undoubtfully one of the best options for showcasing clothing designs and styles, especially to the online businesses. The neck joint enables individuals to see both the outer and inner side of the cloth at precisely the same time. It is also worth noting that the mannequin effect often composes of two images i.e., one with the mannequin and the other without. This feature makes the inner side of garments to be visible. As such, ghosts mannequin portrays a high-quality technology that leaves customers satisfied with their brands.

The Process Involved in Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effect

Creating a photoshop mannequin requires multiple images of both the rear and the front view. Sample photos help to improve visibility. For instance, we have a sample of pictures taken using a mannequin, which shows the exact resemblance of the front and rear side of garments. From the look of things, it seems that the client wants the picture to be edited while maintaining consistency in the apparels attired on the mannequins. In many occasions, clients often provide rear end label image that is precisely set up with decline.

Therefore, the clients desire to have a trained image designer of the Pixel Outsource to take an end label as described by the manufacturers and the distributors. By doing this, it is easier to realign the neck with the front with substantive accuracy and reliability. As a result, the client will not be at a position to realize whether or not it has been manipulated, unusually created, or induced.

Some of the Ghost Mannequin Services We Offer Include

Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin: If we remove the neck from the mannequin, we end up with an empty neck area. We’ll join the empty area with the back of the clothes to create a ghost mannequin effect. This effect is great for tank tops and vests.

360 Degrees Packshot Rotating Ghost Mannequin: For rotating 3D images, send us shots of your shots at various angles and individual shots of the parts mentioned above, and we’ll create a 360 degree-rotating 3D mannequin. We can also do packshot touch ups in case you forget the back shots.

Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin: Some clothes, like composer tuxedos, have the back part longer than the front. At Cliprify, we’ll make sure there’s a distinct separation between the front and back parts using specialized editing.

Sleeve Joint on Ghost Mannequins: The ghost mannequin effect will work beautifully on both short and long sleeves to give that hollow effect. We do this by removing the mannequin parts and joining the cut-out part of the sleeves seamlessly for a complete image.

What We Do at Cliprify for Ghost Mannequin Effect

First, we use a transparent mannequin effect to comb the inner and front parts which we’ll use later. We then use clipping paths for both the front and inner parts and combine them. We then remove the background and make the inner parts frosty to make the touch-up process easier.

You should use the ghost mannequin effect when:

● To lower costs in terms of hiring models and the logistics involved
● For a 360 view of the product you intend to advertise
● When you want extra editing additions to your products like resizing and textures
● To show the inner parts of your clothes too

If your marketing strategy shows that live models generate better sales, then you should opt for live modeling rather than the mannequin ghost effect for your advertising.