Alternatives to Photoshop

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There is no doubt that not every artist and designer uses Photoshop. Photoshop is the first word that will arguably come in your mind. In fact, it is the most eminent design software in the market. Many professionals prefer using this software just to fulfill all their photo editing needs. Over the years, it has become a verb. You can agree with me that nowadays nobody really talks about editing an image. It is all about Photoshop.

From a close look, there is no reliable software that can outdo Photoshop. For the last couple of years, it has been praised by numerous professionals. It makes all your images appear magnificent. Although it is the best, there is a need to discuss the various alternatives. Here are the best alternatives to this awesome software.


From many people attestations, GIMP is one of the most reliable software you can find. It is arguably the most recommended alternative to Photoshop. It is not only available for free but also it boasts of many editing features. It will give your images a new professional touch. Color correction, selection editing and sharpening are just some of the excellent features you will get from this software.


This is another software that will fulfill all your editing desires. It will make impossible look possible. It might not be powerful as Photoshop, but believe me not it will offer the user many editing options. Gradients, multiple layers and brush strokes are some of the powerful features you will be offered by this awesome software. In addition, you will be provided with easy access to editing. In short, it is an admirable software that you need to try a shot.


Many users consider this as the foremost alternative when it comes to the most basic features. You can consider choosing this software. It has simple and numerous features. If you have come across the windows paint, then you can agree with me that it is much similar. Away from that, it allows you to install the various plug-in. This will enhance its features in terms of editing.


If you have been looking for software with the ability to use a browser in image editing, look for no more. Actually, this is the most used editing software that is web-based. It is well known to provide outstanding features like layouts and keyboard. Moreover, it is unique from other software simply because it can accomplish numerous editing features in one goes.


This is the next big name you must hear if you are looking for the best Photoshop alternative. It will fulfill all your editing needs by offering you the necessary features. It boasts of features like wrinkle removal and blemish removal.


The web-based editing software is available in both free and paid version. If you choose it, it will provide you with awesome features such as gradients, brushes and fun editing tools. It is a great software more so when it comes to creating funny images such as party hats.